Special Programme in Science (SPS)

Tan Chin Yee

About myself

I graduated from NUS Life Sciences and SPS in 2015 and am currently pursuing an MD/PhD at Duke-NUS. My research experience and interests span a variety of domains within biology, such as immunology, cancer (molecular biology), neuroscience and a pinch of informatics.

Current Research

  • The molecular biology of drug resistant CML (A/Prof Ong Sin Tiong, Duke-NUS)

Past Research

  • Understanding the Societal Interactions of Cells Within a Metastatic Colony from a Quorum Sensing Perspective (Dr Chandra Verma, BII A*STAR)
  • Literature Review Paper: Understanding how changes to intestinal microbiota by diet-induced obesity can lead to an inflammatory phenotype, promoting tumorigenesis (A/Prof Thilo Hagen, NUS YLL-SoM)
  • Optimizing cell retention in a high thoughput microtiter plate prototype (Dr Kim Namyong, Curiox Biosystems)

Academic Interest

  • Neurobiology
  • Immunology and cell therapy
  • Cancer biology
  • Virology